Spandrel Glass: The Best Material for Buildings

Buildings made today need to have an appeal to them in terms of looks and structure. Spandrel Glass is an excellent material which gives the construction an amazing feel that enhances the building outlook in a varied way. This is a very durable and strong type of glass which is an excellent construction cover.

Various Uses of Spandrel Glass:

Spandrel Glass is made on the principle of Frit on Fire method that includes a ceramic frit. This makes glass which is five times stronger than annealed glass. The method also makes the glass fade proof for a very long time. This type of glass is basically used for aesthetic purposes, mostly to cover up parts of a building like floors, open spaces in the walls. It is highly useful to give the building a shiny texture and create an appealing look. There are many textures in this type of glass. Metallic colors are the most used in buildings which use proper colors suited for the site.  martin glasses  Various other colors of this type of glass are also available from different retailers.

An overall uniform texture is given by the glass. Spandrel Glass is basically used to cover the parts of the building which are to kept hidden from the public like, corporate offices, factories etc. Certain buildings use this glass also for the sole purpose of giving a different look to the construction. One more use of this glass is that it can retain good amount of heat within itself. It has high heat fusing capabilities. The reason being is that this glass is made at a reasonably high temperature, which in turn gives the glass thermal resistivity. So factories use this glass as a means to collect and store solar heat. Buildings that are desired to have a smooth and uniform finish should opt for Spandrel Glass.

The main factor in using this glass is that the placement of it makes the difference. The appearance of the glass on the building is what makes it appealing, which depends on its placement. Spandrel Glass makes a building look seamless in a way. Tall buildings obviously need strong metal foundations and big walls to support it, which is not aesthetically sound. So to make up for this reason, this type of glass is used to give it a very good texture. This is the main reason why large buildings across the globe have accepted this and most of them are made of glass.